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Video calls – embedded anywhere

Bring the power of video calls into your services – web page, intranet, mobile apps or integrated solutions. With the simplicity of a single click, enable your customers, employees and partners to connect with video and keep everything under your brand. Take a look at our cases, product details and possibilities and contact us to get your own solution.

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Ease of use

Our prime directive is not to interfere with the users’ flow. No downloads, no 3rd party applications, no waiting. Just click on a button and you’re on a call. Video calls are notorious for being clunky and stressful, and that’s what we have changed. The easier the flow, the happier the user.

Premium video and audio

Everyone loves a crisp image and some good sounds. Video calls are notorious for lousy quality, freezing images and robot sounds. We changed that. Even more, our technology allows us to customize the experience – to prioritize image over sound, resolution over framerate – to meet the requirements of any specific situation.

Record videos

Record customer calls for review and evidence, take snapshots of maintenance work and draw on them, pre-record instructional videos. You can record all video calls with all participants’ videos saved on the server. Or you can choose to just record just the important calls or to capture screenshots from the streams.

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See it in action

We would be happy to demo the product. Just give us your contact details and we will set up an online meeting – using our product, of course.

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