Lesono – a new way to teach music

Cleac Oy introduces a new video call solution Lesono to solve distance education for music and arts teaching. A web service that answers the call for a better-quality, reliable and easy-to-use video calls.

Music education institutes have been trying to build video-based distance education since the 90’s. This has been a dream that has so far gone unfulfilled, save for the few cases. The existing video conferencing solutions have proven to be difficult and rigid, with a very high price-point for the level of service quality that music needs. Because of their stringent requirements, music education has been deprived of the luxury that many business environments have – a good, simple, usable video call technology.

Cleac Oy, a Finnish startup, has developed a new approach that solves the problems. Based on the new WebRTC technology, Lesono brings not only high-quality video calls and a user-friendly experience, but also unique music-specific tools such as the ability to write music on the fly, during a video lesson.

Lesono was introduced to a beta user group in 2015 and launched officially at the SML conference in Savonlinna. “We are excited to be able to both solve a long-standing problem, and to bring music education to this century”, comments Aatu Mällinen, CEO of Cleac, and continues: “We are already hearing from the beta group, that Lesono saves time and money. It also gives access to quality music education to students, who haven’t had the opportunity before, whether it be because of long distances or other difficulties.”

Cleac is looking forward to introducing Lesono to all music schools in Finland directly or through partnerships. The sights have already been set for global expansion, with negotiations ongoing in the UK and US.

Cleac Oy, founded in 2015, is a video conferencing tech developer based in Helsinki, Finland. The technology was initially developed in order to build Lesono – a dedicated videoconferencing service to replace legacy systems in arts education. Building for music set unprecedented restraints on development and guided development towards high-reliability, quick and easy service that has superior video and audio quality. This led to a technology that was found to solve a lot of problems that exist with current video conferencing tools, namely in ease-of-use, reliability and adaptability to different situations. Cleac is a born global startup with roots in Finland.

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