Cleac enters the US market in parthership with MusicFirst

Cleac Oy and Music Sales Corporation have partnered to bring Lesono to the US market. Integrated into their MusicFirst platform, Music Sales Group can offer quick and easy video recording functionality to teachers and students everywhere. Based in the US, MusicFirst serves more than 300.000 teachers and students globally.

Video as a medium is becoming a more and more basic communication tool for the younger generation. Kids communicate with each other by creating videos and now teachers can leverage this phenomenon by bringing instruction and assignments to video. With the Video Recorder, teachers can create assignments where the students respond by recording their own performances. Additionally, theachers can give assignments for students to respond by explaining things in their own words all through the MusicFirst Online Classroom.

With the MusicFirst Video Recorder, the student can record a video, check that it is as great as they want and then submit it to the task. The video is transferred to the Grading and Submission list for viewing.

The Video Recorder does not require any special equipment – just a computer with a Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. If the user has an external webcam or a high-quality microphone on hand, they can hook them up to get extra quality for your videos. They can also use your Android tablet and iPads are coming on board too.

Cleac Oy, founded in 2015, is a video conferencing tech developer based in Helsinki, Finland. The technology was initially developed in order to build Lesono – a dedicated videoconferencing service to replace legacy systems in arts education. Building for music set unprecedented restraints on development and guided development towards high-reliability, quick and easy service that has superior video and audio quality. This led to a technology that was found to solve a lot of problems that exist with current video conferencing tools, namely in ease-of-use, reliability and adaptability to different situations. Cleac is a born global startup with roots in Finland.

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