Cleac secures a pre-seed investment round

Cleac Oy has secured a pre-seed investment round, coupled with public funding, to grow the company and enter new markets. The investment coalition was formed by a group of private investors and lead by a Finnish venture capital company. The investment was coupled with funding from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology (TEKES) to further strengthen product development and the launch of new features.

“We were really lucky to reach such a competent and knowledgeable group of private investors, who bring much more value to our company than just money. Talk about wise money”, tells Aatu Mällinen, CEO of Cleac Oy. “We also got a VC company on board, who did the heavy lifting on the investment round and who will be able to open us doors in potential future investment talks”, he continues.

With the investment, Cleac Oy continues to develop first-class video call technology and Lesono service for music education. New service announcements are expected in Q2/2018.

Cleac Oy, founded in 2015, is a video conferencing tech developer based in Helsinki, Finland. The technology was initially developed in order to build Lesono – a dedicated videoconferencing service to replace legacy systems in arts education. Building for music set unprecedented restraints on development and guided development towards high-reliability, quick and easy service that has superior video and audio quality. This led to a technology that was found to solve a lot of problems that exist with current video conferencing tools, namely in ease-of-use, reliability and adaptability to different situations. Cleac is a born global startup with roots in Finland.

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