Cleac launches top-quality embeddable video calls

Cleac Oy launches a service for companies to embed top-quality, user-friendly and fast video call on any customer touch points. The service allows for car dealers to have instant video calls on their online storefronts, industry companies to include easy video calls to their in-house applications and for insurance companies to see their clients on-line without any external software, among others.

Video calls have been an everyday occurrence in many business settings, but they all require specialised software or hardware. Setting up a call is viewed as unreliable, difficult and low-quality. Unfortunately many companies still choose to fly people to meetings instead of holding them online. Cleac is about to change this.

Cleac video calls can be embedded in any web page, application or online service. With no need to install client software, plugins or hardware, the solution opens up new opportunities for companies to serve their clients better and to cut costs. With focus on the user experience, Cleac’s solution promises quick and easy one-click video calls, branded for the companies, embedded anywhere.

Cleac Oy, founded in 2015, is a video conferencing tech developer based in Helsinki, Finland. The technology was initially developed in order to build Lesono – a dedicated videoconferencing service to replace legacy systems in arts education. Building for music set unprecedented restraints on development and guided development towards high-reliability, quick and easy service that has superior video and audio quality. This led to a technology that was found to solve a lot of problems that exist with current video conferencing tools, namely in ease-of-use, reliability and adaptability to different situations. Cleac is a born global startup with roots in Finland.

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