The true cost of a bad video call

We’ve all been there – a videoconference has been set up, but it just doesn’t work. It takes a long time to get everyone’s tech issues resolved, the connection is breaking up and in the end, things will just be settled over email. This is frustrating, but it is also costly.

Lost time

Video calls should help us by making conversations more effective and communication clearer. If the calls act up, we end up spending more time fighting the system than actually communicating. In our view, if a meeting still requires an email to clarify things up, it has not been a successful one.

In a quick meeting of 30 minutes, losing 10 minutes for waiting and fighting with the video call system, that’s a 33% time wasted. In an environment, where we use a lot of video calls, this inefficiency stacks up and will find it’s way to total system performance. Are you willing to pay your employees to resolve video call tech issues when they could be selling or helping customers?

Image cost

Besides losing time, badly performing video calls will decrease the value of the communication and the experience. Using video calls for sales has a great impact, but you need to be mindful that the impression you give is holistic. If you have the best sales rep and a superior sales pitch but the video connection keeps breaking, you will not reap the benefits.

As a service provider, your representatives build your brand with every discussion they have. Make sure that all aspects of those discussions give a top-notch impression.

Ultimately, in a sales or support discussion, you want to make a sale or retain a customer. You want to maximise this by using video calls, but not lose any customer because of a sub-par video service.

We at Cleac are focused on service quality and the impression video calls make. Video calls have a huge potential, but also many ways how they can go wrong. In addition to providing technologically superior solution, we consult our customers and train people how to leverage video calls. Contact us to get a demo of our service and a handful of quick tips for great video calls.

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