Video calls and GDPR

The new EU data protection act (GDPR) has brought more defined requirements for handling of personal information than before. Although the act is only for the EU, many global companies have embraced the same controls for all their operations. This allows for a unified policy across markets. In general, GDPR compliance is a good opportunity for all companies to adopt a solid framework for handling personal information.

Video is personally identifiable information

The definitions of personally identifiable information differ, but the main point is: information, that can identify a person and all information that can be linked to this identity. A person’s recognisable image is identifiable and therefore, video is also.

Any video recording is personal information and depending on the content, it might include a wealth of data. Consider a recorded video call, where the participants discuss life events, share contact information and negotiate payment or credit terms. This video will potentially have more stored information than the service provider or the participants understand. In addition, more information can be linked to the stored video through user identification.

Security is paramount

Protecting the users’ information is not just about legislation – it’s a responsibility that all service providers should bear. GDPR is just a new formalisation of the required measures. Besides updating privacy policies and setting up processes, service security needs to be in order. With videos, the major components are signalling, streaming and storage. If these are not all secure, every other component is compromised.

Cleac and GDPR

Cleac is a EU company and GDPR compliant. We extend the same personal information protection to all our customers and users, regardless of whether they are in the EU or not. In addition, in some use environments, we have even stricter policies.

Our core team is well-versed in data protection and GDPR, and we have had third party consultants to help us. We welcome our customers and partners to vet our processes and technologies.

If you are using or planning to use video calls in your business and are interested in how to make sure privacy controls are up to requirements, contact us. We’ll give you a demo of our service and talk about measures to ensure your users’ information is secure.


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