Teach music live on-line with the Lesono service. Lesono is a professional, easy-to-use and professional tool from Finland, developed exclusively for teaching music

Teach one or more students simultaneously from your classroom, studio or living room sofa. You can use Lesono as your only teaching environment or as a flexible addition to traditional lessons.

 100% web based – no app download or software installation required.


Product features

  • High-quality and reliable video communication
  • Easy sharing of materials (sheet music, tabs)
  • Writing and annotating sheet music during lessons
  • Lesson planner (coming soon)
  • Lesson recording
  • Chat

This is what it looks like 

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 Lesono®Skype™Google Hangouts™Adobe Connect™Apple FaceTime™
Live video connectionblack-dotblack-dotblack-dotblack-dotblack-dot
Video and audio quality optimized for music educationblack-dot    
File sharingblack-dotblack-dotblack-dotblack-dot 
Teacher-student-modelblack-dot  black-dot 
Many students at the same timeblack-dot black-dotblack-dotblack-dot
Write and annotate sheet musicblack-dot    
Lesson plannersoon    
Attention signalblack-dot  black-dot 
Text chatblack-dotblack-dotblack-dotblack-dot 
Lesson recordingblack-dot black-dotblack-dot 
Designed for pedagogyblack-dot    
Multi-lingualblack-dotblack-dot  black-dot
No app installation requiredblack-dot(beta)   
Works with almost all devicesblack-dotblack-dotblack-dotblack-dot 

Begin using Lesono

Select the best package for your needs and start a free trial:


Lesono for schools

We offer larger usage packets, extended support, branding opportunities and consultant services for schools and music institutions.

Read about our services for schools »

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CLEAC Oy is a Finnish company founded by musicians and music teachers, that develops services for online music education. Our mission is to enable everyone to get top-notch music education, regardless of school admission difficulties, distance to great teachers or busy schedules.

We want to bring music education to the 21st century by making it modern, hassle-free and efficient. Our core values are ease-of-use, reliability and focus on pedagogy. Cleac will re-imagine music education globally.



Aatu Mällinen
Pianist, educator, CEO

Kalle Pääkkönen
Trumpetist, coder


Teemu Eskola
Trombonist, educator, marketer

Antti Honkanen

Arttu Hautala
Trombonist, sales

For students

If you want to get live lessons on-line, shoot a message to your teacher and tell them to start using Lesono. Your teacher will provide you with links and guides for the service.


Huhtatie 6 a 6
00700 Helsinki

CEO Aatu Mällinen
+358 44 2885977