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Project Description

Eepos school management system

Eepos is a school management system for private and municipal arts schools. Eepos helps all members of the art school ecosystem; it provides tools for teachers, principals and administrational staff, but also for students and their parents. Eepos is a web-based service and it strives for ultimate ease-of-use and comfortability for its users.

Eepos targets mainly music-, dance-, and visual arts schools. Eepos includes features, that are planned and developed specifically for the targeted segments of education, which separates it from generic school management systems and other competitors. Lesono®-service is one of those features and Lesono is built with Cleac video call technology.

A solution that makes sense

Lesono was integrated to Eepos, because it makes sense. Eepos gains added value by enabling easily accessed distance education for its customers. On the other hand, a major part of Finnish music schools already uses Eepos and with this integration Eepos users have all the needed online tools under the same log-in.

Lesono is integrated to Eepos via a Cleac’s simple integration API.

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An example how Lesono is used in Eepos

The teacher logs in to Eepos and clicks the Students (Oppilaat) page. Instead of reserving a standard lesson in a specific classroom the teacher clicks Online Lessons (Etätunnit) and sets up an online lesson. When the name, time and date for the lesson are set, the system automatically sends both the student and the teacher a link to the lesson via email.

When the time for the lesson comes, the teacher and the student open the link with a browser and join the lesson. The participants can also join the lesson from Eepos by going to their Online Lessons and clicking Open Online Lesson. When both participants have joined the lesson, they are good to go.

Seamless, easy and hassle-free experience

Integration to Eepos School Management (SaaS) Service allows teachers to easily schedule or instantly invite students/groups for a remote study session. Integration makes remote lessons a seamless, easy and hassle-free learning experience for the students and teachers. Data about arranged lessons is collected for easy to understand statistics for school administrators.

Tuomas Oksanen
Managing Director, Oksidia Oy

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