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Project Description

Lesono for music teachers

Lesono is the world’s best video call service for music education. Besides video calls, it features music-specific tools such as writing music during a lesson. Lesono was the first product introduced by Cleac and it came out in 2015. It has been our flagship product, demanding us to develop a video call technology that is easy, reliable and accessible.

Creating opportunities

With the introduction of Lesono to the music schools, it instantly showed it’s power. One of our first users was an accordion teacher, who had to travel 400km every week to give lessons. Today, she spends half of her time at home, happily teaching from her living room.

The schools utilising Lesono have been able to dramatically cut travel costs and also welcome students regardless of distances. We hear from students who would have had no chance of completing their studies until Lesono came around.

Global and local initiatives

Lesono has enabled music education not just for low-population-density areas, but also to reach across borders: Collective music writing workshops, where the participants are all around Europe. Visiting teachers from the other side of the Atlantic with fraction of the cost.

With Lesono, the town of Inari, an isolated community way up in the Norther Finland, organised a music teaching program, where the teachers were all from major cities with Lesono, bringing top-quality education to places where it would make little economic sense without distance education.

You can find more info about Lesono at: lesono.com

Dream come true

As a piano teacher, it was my dream to teach students without having to worry where they live and how to reach them. I looked at all video call solutions and none had the quality or the ease-of-use I dreamed of. That’s why we built Lesono with an amazing team. And the video call technology – it just works.

Aatu Mällinen
CEO, Cleac

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