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Project Description

MusicFirst video recorder

MusicFirst is revolutionizing music education in schools around the world. MusicFirst Classroom combines learning management software with engaging content and powerful integrated software to help teachers monitor their students’ progress, make lesson plans, and create assignments.

MusicFirst wanted to allow their students to submit work as videos, as well as for the teachers to set assignments and review student submissions. To do this, the users had a previous option to create YouTube videos or use other third-party platforms, but the solution was breaking the user flow. Also, directing young students to YouTube has a high potential to distract from the learning experience.

A new experience for students

To create a streamlined learning experience, we integrated the Cleac video call technology to the MusicFirst Classroom. The integration does not feature live calls, but the same technology to do recordings. Real-time recordings, right on their browser and focused on music learning.

This has resulted in tens of thousands of recordings of people learning to play music.

Optimised solution

The MusicFirst technological solution is optimised for users in their primary markets in order to ensure high quality operation. We were faced with interesting challenges arising from very low-end chromebooks that are prevalent in  schools in some markets. Being able to handle very high peaks that coincide with school deadlines has validated the scalability of our recording features.

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The perfect tool for music educators

The team at Cleac have created the perfect tool for music educators looking to teach and assess their students in an online world. Now, high quality, real-time, and most importantly reliable distance learning is possible and I think that music educators should immediately investigate how Lesono can help them teach their current students, and how to dramatically increase their reach with other students and teachers around the world.

Dr. Jim Frankel
Director, MusicFirst

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