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Project Description

Rockway Oma ope

Rockway is the leading music video education service with premium quality tutorials. Founded in 2007, they have 90000 happy users. Rockway is famous for having all the best musicians and music teachers in their catalogue and a seemingly endless amount of super-high-quality videos, professionally produced.

Rockway has been revolutionizing the music learning experience in Finland as is actively developing the field of distance education.

A new, live experience

On their 10th year anniversary, Rockway wanted to launch a service to move from ready-made videos to interactive, live teaching. To make this happen, they needed a flexible solution for live video calls that could be integrated into their platform. With their extensive experience in producing videos and their high quality standards, requirements were extensive. Cleac’s technology provided a good fit for Rockway.

The new service was launched at the end of 2017 and is now ramping up.

Tight, branded integration

Besides high quality standards, Rockway takes pride in their brand. The new service was to be as streamlined and focused as possible with everything standing under the Rockway brand. This was easily achieved with Cleac’s API, that allows for instant lesson creation without the need for 3rd party apps or plugins and the ability to custom-brand the experience.

More on their website:

Great success

Rockway has used the technology developed by Cleac in the Oma Ope-service with great success. I wholeheartedly recommend Cleac and Lesono.

Niklas Lindholm
CEO, Rockway

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